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Why You Should Disinfect and Sanitize your Workspace and Common areas

Did you know that the average desk contains 400 times more bacteria than a toilet seat?

Germs and viruses can easily spread through touch and the air, leading to various health issues ranging from the common cold to more serious illnesses. By eliminating harmful pathogens and bacteria, sanitization services play a crucial role in preventing the spread of contagious diseases.

How Clean State keeps you safe

High-Touch Point Cleaning
Fully Certified Technicians
Customized Sanitation Plans
CEPA-Registered Disinfectant Spraying
Environmentally Friendly and 100% Safe

Sanitization Disinfectants that are proven to work

Stop Viruses at the Door

Clean State’s pledge to stop the spread isn’t just a promise; it’s a philosophy that guides everything we do. From the initial consultation to the final inspection, we are driven by a desire to create safe and healthy environments. Our constant innovation and relentless pursuit of perfection mean that with Clean State, you are always in safe hands.

We Keep Your Customers and Employees Safe

Through rigorous cleaning protocols and effective measures, we create a secure environment that promotes health and peace of mind. Your safety is our commitment, every step of the way.

Our Disinfection Services are Safe

We exclusively utilize safe and trusted disinfectants that effectively combat viruses while maintaining your well-being. Feel secure knowing that our approach prioritizes both cleanliness and your safety. Your health is our unwavering commitment.

The Best Disinfection Services in the GTA

Our exceptional expertise and meticulous approach set us apart as leaders in the industry. We ensure unparalleled cleanliness and peace of mind for clients across the GTA. Choose the best for your space – choose CleanState.

Sanitization cleaning Benefect products
  • Light Scent
  • Kills over 99.99% of bacteria in 30 seconds!
  • Pleasant Aromatherapeutic Vapors
  • No Synthetic Fragrances, Dyes or Bleach

Innovative Solutions

Typical disinfectants require 10 minutes of contact time, which is difficult to achieve on vertical surfaces and materials. We invest in Benefect products which solves this problem by being specially formulated to kill gram-negative and gram-positive bacteria with a more realistic contact time of just 30 seconds!

Our Technicians are Equipped to Disinfect Virtually All Spaces and Surfaces

Retail & Food Service Establishments

Our cleaning technicians sanitize the common contact areas of retail and food service spaces to protect customers and employees.

Offices and Commercial Spaces

We sanitize, clean, and disinfect office & commercial spaces including high-traffic areas with extra care, as well as soft surfaces such as office furniture and carpets.

Shared and Public Spaces

We sanitize and disinfect any shared and public spaces, such as Gyms, public spaces and restrooms. We provide surface cleaning to ensure high-touch areas are germ-free.

Condos & Rentals

Whether you own a spacious apartment building or rental property, CleanState is here to serve you. We specialize in cleaning and disinfecting a wide range of spaces, ensuring a thorough approach that extends to high-touch areas and soft surfaces within your property.

Construction and Manufacturing Facilities

We will disinfect and sanitize construction sites, manufacturing facilities and keep workers safe.

Medical Centre's and Hospitals

Our highly-trained technicians will sanitize and disinfect hospitals and medical facilities to ensure safety of doctors, nurses and patients.

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Running a business is challenging enough without worrying about cleanliness. At Clean State, we make this easy for you. As your trusted partner, our bonded team ensures a spotless environment that enhances productivity and impresses visitors. From daily office cleaning to emergency restorations, we’re a one-stop solution, exceeding industry standards. With Clean State, you’re not just opting for a service, you’re investing in your peace of mind. Remember, we’re just a call away!

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